How to import 3D Model in 2020 Design Software?

Do you want to use custom 3D Models in 2020 Design? Here is a step by step guide to import 3D Models into 2020 Design software. This method will work with all version.

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You can visit Sketchup 3D warehouse or to download free 3D models. To download free 3D models from , Simply create free account and open Products > 3D Models then download any model you want to import into design. 


Go to download folder & extract zip file. You will find 2 sketchup files. 2020 Design software version upto V.11  will work with Sketchup 2016 only.  If you are using 2020 Design V.12 you can use second files. 

Step 2


Now open 2020 Design software and click on Files> Import> Select From Local Storage.


Browse downloaded folder and select 3D model files (Please select 2016 for 2020 Design software v.11 and below.)

That’s it. You have successfully imported 3D model into your design. You can adjust size, textures, lighting setting from attribute. If you face any issue please report here and we will help you out. Thank you so much…!!

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